Making MarTech Pay Off

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. To optimize MarTech investments, marketing needs to have a very effective relationship with IT that spans strategy, selection and management. Such a working relationship drives MarTech innovation, capabili ... More

Ingenuity in the Global eCommerce Community Detailed Findings     $50 US*
How To Compete and Not Get Beat in the Digital Retail Marketplace

Large, global eCommerce communities are disrupting the retail marketplace by bringing together vast numbers of buyers and sellers in frictionless transactional environments. Inspired by their success, brand marketers are rethinking go-to-market strategies to better integrate digital advertising with personalized shopper engagement and more effective conversion programs. This report highlights per...

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Mapping Monetization     $50 US*
Best Practices and Strategies for Identifying New Opportunities and Maximizing Existing Experiences

The CMO Council recently partnered with Vindicia, the leaders in payment and billing solutions, to host a series of executive roundtables to discuss new paths to revenue and the challenges to monetization optimization. The number one issue that marketers found most challenging to overcome: FEAR. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown (“We’ve never charged for that type of content,...

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