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Marketers are far less data-savvy than they may think.

The growth of companies that market products to consumers is strikingly anemic compared to the mountains of dollars spent on marketing and advertising.

Even though today’s omnichannel customers are more connected than ever before, many companies are failing to keep pace with their expectations for frictionless experiences, despite the multitude of data, analytics and engagement systems currently in place, according to new research from the CMO Council and RedPoint Global.

Inadequate tools, small budgets and lack of support from leadership are some of the challenges marketers face

Marketers are gathering more customer data, but research suggests that they are not capitalizing on new opportunities with this information in real-time.

Aunque los consumidores están más conectados que nunca (y se mueven en varios canales simultáneamente), lo cierto es que los marketeros son incapaces (aún) de seguir la pista adecuadamente a sus comportamientos online y offline.

New CMO Council study reveals execution gap as omni-channel customers look for more connected experiences

Even though consumers are more connected than ever before, just 7 percent of marketers say they are able to deliver real time, data-driven engagements across both offline and digital touchpoints.

Marketers' ability to engage connected consumers continues to lag, according to a survey by the CMO Council.

The latest research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and RedPoint Global indicates that although customers are more connected across a multitude of channels than ever before, many organizations are still struggling to deliver the seamless, omni-channel experiences that customers seek, despite having a plethora of data, analytics and engagement systems implemented.

Inadequate budgets are the biggest obstacles to implementation of truly data-driven customer strategies, cited by 54 percent of marketers responding to a new CMO Council survey.

Customers are more connected than ever before, but companies are failing to keep pace with expectations for frictionless experiences.

New research from the CMO Council and RedPoint Global finds that despite consumers being omnichannel and more connected than ever, the marketers surveyed feel like they’re failing to meet (let alone exceed) customer expectations.

New research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and RedPoint Global reveals that—though today’s omni-channel customers are more connected than ever—too many organizations are failing to keep pace with customer expectations.

Despite the wealth of data and tech at their fingertips, many marketers aren’t meeting expectations when it comes to cross-channel customer engagement.

Everyone wants a more connected, more seamless customer experience. So many brands that Loyalty360 talks to daily want and aspire to this kind of simplicity and seamlessness.

Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, has a reputation for straight talk as a thought leader.

Live events continue to be a top area of spend for today’s marketers, accounting for almost a third of all yearly marketing budgets. According to a new research by Forrester, in-person events accounted for nearly 20% of all marketing spend in 2015 and that year nearly 30% of marketers admitted that they treat events as one-off experiences rather than as part of an integrated digital and physical experience.

An organization can’t “reach” digital as an end point of a project. There is no digital finish line, where the work is suddenly done and marketers can sit back and marvel at the transformation.

Many CMOs say they have primary responsibility for driving growth, but face challenges achieving this mandate, according to a new study.