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New research from McKinsey surfaces the extent of Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on brands. The main theme of the pandemic’s story is one of fear and uncertainty. Given how swiftly things are changing, McKinsey takes a weekly pulse of consumer sentiment across 45 countries. Tom Kaneshige at CMO Council sat down with Gregg to learn more about the shifting consumer sentiment landscape and this tale of two stories happening during one of the most tumultuous economic times in modern history.

The study's finding that marketers want to see improvements in content marketing measurement echoes separate research by The CMO Council that found marketers struggling to measure ROI. Developing better measurement methods could help ensure that marketers continue to increase spending on content marketing, especially as the pandemic continues to put pressure on marketers.

The CMO Council has selected 25 agile and adaptive brands seeing upturns during the economic downturns worldwide. Selections were made based on financial performance, category sector growth, product or service innovation, as well as marketing and messaging dexterity.