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Modern Marketing Today

According to new research from the CMO Council and Deloitte sheds light on the changing role of the CMO from chief brand build and storyteller to chief growth officer.  But what does it take for a Chief Marketing Officer to make the transition from their traditional role to take on new goals? More

McLellan Marketing Group

The CMO Council leveraged insights to create 5 key plays all growth-driving CMOs should have in their strategic playbook. These growth leaders stem from a combination of newer brands experiencing rapid growth, as well as more established brands that are leveraging unique marketing-led strategies to drive new routes to revenue.  More

Chief Marketer

When it comes to key skills driving the growth agenda, CGOs put more emphasis on data and intelligence analysis and market insights and knowledge, where CMOs key in on storytelling in a digital world and brand building. Both leaders place a holistic view of CX as a key skill to drive growth. More


According to the CMO Council, marketers 'plays' – common goals, mandates and approaches – provide a glimpse of how today’s marketing vanguard is helping advance the growth agenda and reshape the role of the modern CMO. More