Press Releases

Jun 9, 2008

Companies' Go-To-Market Capabilities Deemed Ineffective

Global survey by the CMO Council highlights pressing need to rethink and recalibrate marketing and sales processes, competencies and resources.


Jun 4, 2008

New Study and Best-Practices Dialogue Series to Examine Merger of Traditional Transaction-Based Print Content with Marketing Techniques

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council today announced the launch of a new thought leadership initiative,


May 21, 2008

CMO Council Launches Online Talent Sourcing Center for Members

The new center provides professional opportunities and assists much-needed sourcing of new skills and competencies in global marketing groups.


Apr 16, 2008

CMO Council to Launch New Chapter in Africa

Regional Expansion by Influential Peer-Powered Global Network Spearheaded by from South Africa, the Country Leading African Growth.


Apr 14, 2008

Marketers are Flying Blind When it Comes to Leveraging Customer Data and Analytics, Reports the CMO Council

Lack of Customer Data Sharing, Integration and Insight is Impacting Competitiveness, Retention Rates, Revenue and Profitability.


Jan 10, 2008

Technology Marketers Challenged to Reorganize Around Customers

CMO Council Study Finds Customer Affinity Is New Measure of Marketing Effectiveness; Vendors Struggle to Establish Customer-Centric Business Practices


Jan 2, 2008

CMO Council To Give The Channel A Peer-Powered Voice To Optimize Performance And Relationships

Channel Performance Board Launches with Release of New Research Initiative to Assess the State of Vendor / Dealer Channel Relationships


Dec 14, 2007

Success in Sonoma

120 marketers gather at the Elite Retreat.


Nov 26, 2007

AT&T, Allstate, Farmers, Nortel, And Oracle Executives Address Pressing Strategic Marketing Issues At CMO Summit

Two Dynamic Headline Sessions to Address Power of Analytics and Rethinking Global Marketing Operational Models


Nov 19, 2007

CMO Council Launches Global Research Study Focused on Identifying Challenges and Best Practices in Customer Retention

Thought-Leadership Program-Sponsored by CSC, IBM and D&B- Will Address Ways to Combat "Customer Churn and Marketing Burn"


Oct 17, 2007

Marketers Confront Brand America to Unlock Potential in Growing Global Business

CMO Summit Keynote Speaker, "Rebuilding Brand America" Author Dick Martin, to Delve into the State of America's Brand Promise and How Marketers Can Safeguard Global Business


Oct 4, 2007

Less Burn, More Return: CMO Council Gathers the Elite in Marketing to Address How to Allocate, Advocate, and Account for Marketing Spend

The CMO Summit Becomes an Elite Retreat to Frame Best Practices to Eliminate the Agony of Allocation and Map the Optimized Marketing Operational Model


Sep 8, 2007

CMO Council and Boston Consulting Group Launch Global Research Initiative Focused On Go-To-Market Capabilities

Thought-Leadership Program Will Highlight Best Practices to Help Multinational Companies Enhance Marketing and Sales Effectiveness


Jun 1, 2007

GE Money, AAA, Expedia and Xerox Headline June 7 Secure the Trust of Your Brand Webcast Call Center Exposure: Limiting Leaks & Peeks

Complimentary Online Event Tackles the Vulnerabilities, Realities and Strategies For Ensuring Brand Integrity and Call Center Security