Assisted Search Service

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, a Peer-Powered Global Network™ of strategic marketing executives in over 110 countries, now offers a new service to help executive recruiters and hiring organizations assess marketing leadership needs, specify roles and requirements, as well as identify potential candidates.

With the support of its global database of 60,000 marketers and 6,000 senior-level members, the CMO Council has built a rich knowledge base and library of content covering CMO leadership, professional development insights and C-Suite synergies. From this unprecedented level of insight, access and influence, the CMO Council is uniquely positioned to help executive recruiters and corporate HR professionals identify potential assets, develop professional talents and skills, as well as ensure the right fit of title to territory in terms of both responsibility and capability.

The CMO Council's Assisted Search Service covers multiple levels of support to accelerate the recruitment process, increase the caliber and range of candidates, as well as assist negotiations and candidate selection. Search engagements include:

  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) or those at the EVP, SVP and VP level
  • Marketing leaders for divisions, regions, countries and lines of business (LOB)
  • Functional marketing heads – demand generation, branding, product marketing, marketing operations, interactive/digital, field marketing, communications, advertising, channel, analytics, research, insights and innovation, etc.

All candidates are screened relative to job specifications and requirements, vetted to determine interest in the position offered, and briefed on the opportunity to increase interest and receptivity to recruitment overtures.

The process will take no longer than three weeks. Fees for services will be specified by the CMO Council based on candidate search requirements :

  • CMO-level search
  • Marketing leader search
  • Functional marketing head

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