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The Dieline

Whatever I purchase—whether it be toothpaste or even glasses—has to appeal to my senses or my values. That’s right, we humans purchase things that are relevant to us, leaving those that aren’t to idly linger on the shelf. More


Opinion: Chat bots offer the opportunity to build and manage conversation marketing programs at scale More


Adrián Fernández, general manager at Pantone, explains how color can be tamed while also being responsive. More


Packaging is recognized as one of the last truly mass platforms for brands to communicate with their consumers, and it comes with the added power at being at the point of transaction. More

All too often, it seems that within the printing industry, we spend more time talking to each other than to customers. Ask yourself: How well do you truly understand your customers’ businesses, the issues they face every day, and how your services could help them meet their goals and objectives in truly unique ways? What services could you add to be able to do this even better? More

Consumer Goods Technology

Digital media have provided brands with addictive ways to give consumers the information and experiences they crave. More