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Marketing Dive

Marketing operations structures may be getting in the way of connecting brands to customers due to a battle between organizations' drive for centralization versus customers desire for personalization, according to a new CMO Council report. More


The CMO report found that 82% of marketers don’t believe their local intelligence is as good as it could be.  More


Missed connections: A new report by the CMO Council warns that companies that centralize their marketing departments are at risk of losing consumer connections in local markets. More


Customers today are seeking security, service and localized experiences based on local language and culture, according to the CMO Council. More

Campaign US

New CMO Council research reveals major opportunities being missed by marketers. More


A new study from the CMO Council and agency network Worldwide Partners finds that many marketers don’t believe their current go-to-market strategies are positioned to engage today’s connected consumer effectively. More


A survey of more than 350 marketers by the CMO Council and Worldwide Partners found that only one-fifth think their strategies meet consumers' needs. More


CMO Council collaborated with Worldwide Partners to study readiness of marketers to deliver localised experiences.   More

Marketing Directo

El informe de CMO Council revela una batalla por el equilibrio entre las eficiencias de la centralización y la eficacia de la localización a medida que los profesionales del marketing observan los cambios operativos necesarios para alcanzar los objetivos de crecimiento mundial. More

Content Localization

Based on a CMO Council study, 63% of marketers are not satisfied with their localization efforts. More