Marketing Organization Review and Empowerment (MORE)

The CMO Council engaged with a select group of CMOs to evolve a new auditing tool and suite of services to help chief marketing executives evaluate talent, grow organizational competencies.


The CMO Council will engage with a select group of CMOs to evolve a new auditing tool and suite of services to help chief marketing executives evaluate talent, grow organizational competencies, as well as further integrate and unify global teams across all functional areas.

These best practice insights and experiences from leading CMOs recently on the job will be designed to Accelerate Marketing Performance (AMP) and help other chief marketers:

  • Assess the capability, competency and value of global marketing teams
  • Determine where there are gaps, deficiencies or disconnects with other departments, functions or regions
  • Understand the level of Market Sense-Ability in their groups and service networks
  • Provide roadmaps, actionable strategies and programs to further the capacity and potential of marketing organizations
  • Integrate and evolve marketing functions and processes to optimize yield and effectiveness

CMO Council research has revealed that 50 percent of new CMOs are hired to fix broken marketing organizations. New CMO appointments typically prompt global reviews of group effectiveness, talent requirements and individual contributions and potential. In addition, there are other situations that might trigger the need for assessing, rationalizing, consolidating or upgrading marketing teams. These include:

  • Corporate acquisitions or mergers
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Global market expansion or accelerated growth
  • New CEO appointments or leadership changes


Facts & Stats

The number one challenge facing CEOs was identified as "the rapid escalation of complexity." Furthermore, while 80% of those interviewed predicted even greater complexity ahead, less than 50% felt adequately prepared to deal with it. • IBM's Institute for Business Value

About 74% of CEOs say marketers focus too much on the latest trends, such as social media, but can rarely demonstrate how these trends can help to generate more business for the company. • Marketing Week


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