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Exploring the State of Digital Marketing Across Asia to Benchmark Levels of Adoption, Traction and Success

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With some of the highest levels of social media penetration, mobile device ownership, and Internet connectivity in the world, developed and emerging Asian markets are ripe for more innovative, efficient, and adept interactive engagement. However, the rapidly evolving nature of digital marketing presents increased challenges, with many marketers struggling to integrate digital components in a way that is efficient, effective, and measurable. Furthermore, it isn't enough to simply implement digital strategies; it must be done in a way that drives consumer engagement and builds relationships around the brand. Faced with these challenges, marketers also have to make strong business cases for how digital marketing investments and migration will work to drive business performance.

For this initiative, "APAC Digital Marketing Performance Index," the CMO Council partnered with Adobe to explore the state of digital marketing across Asia in order to benchmark levels of adoption, traction, and success. This undertaking provides valuable insights into digital marketing performance across a region that embraces 35 countries, 4 billion consumers, 2.6 billion mobile phone users, and nearly 45 percent of the world’s Internet population. The study tracks progress and improvements in digital marketing adoption, management understanding, organizational proficiency, operational effectiveness, infrastructure development, tools/platform usage, and integration and alignment with offline marketing efforts year-over-year. The study also provides insight into obstacles, country differences, performance measurement metrics, and best practices across the region while considering the business case for digital marketing investments.


Facts & Stats

A recent study of Hong Kong consumers found that 35 percent created a separate email address to avoid being personally targeted by brands. They also indicated that a company website is the most valuable source of information consumers use to look for information about a brand, with 78 percent stating that it is a relevant or very relevant source - MediaBuzz

In 2010, China and India already boast some 500 million Internet users, and 700 million more users are expected to come online in the region by 2015. - McKinsey Quarterly

The broadband revolution that makes so much of cloud computing and real time video possible is sweeping through Asia Pacific, with 130 million broadband users in China (all of Europe has 188.88 million), and rapid growth expected in Korea and Japan. Singapore already has a more than 195 percent penetration rate for broadband, including wireless connections. - Asia Digital Marketing Association

35 percent of Asia Pacific consumers say that more than 10% of their monthly shopping expenditure is done online. - Asia Digital Marketing Association

In Singapore, for example, online ad spend is estimated to be 6 percent of total advertising budgets even though internet users spend an average of 22.3 hours per month online. Online advertising there is estimated to grow at more than 15 percent per year. - Asia Digital Marketing Association


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