Fabio Scala is currently a board advisor at Uhusiano. He was previously the Executive Director heading international marketing for Edgebold Capital, a UK private holding with a diverse range of investments and companies in Southern Africa, from logistics and mining, all the way to maritime chandling and real estate. Previously the Managing Director of BNI Bank, the national developing bank of Mozambique, where he joined as part of the founding team in 2011. He helped the government in the structuring and ramping up of the bank and later assumed the responsibilities of business development, marketing, research and sustainability. Prior to his appointment at BNI, Fabio was a member of the the board of several European companies, acted as Marketing advisor to the Hitachi Consulting (PT) and Headed the marketing department attending to over 40 countries at Portugal's largest furniture exporter. He was part of the managing team that took the first Portuguese company to be honored with the Design Managing Europe Award, leading another company to the same award years later. Before his years in Europe, Fabio held several managing positions in the United States, including a leading-role in the pioneering of sportswear and footwear e-commerce. Fabio started off his career as a trainee in the Caixa Economica Federal (the second largest state owned Brazilian bank), later joining the ranks of Young & Rubican creative department in Brazil.