Jean-Pierre Simard

Director of Marketing & Customer Service

Cafection Enterprises Inc.

With over 20 years of experience in International B2B and B2C marketing, Jean-Pierre has accomplished hundreds of national and global integrated communications campaigns with worldwide B2C marketing agencies including: BBDO, Publicis and FCB-Mondialis in Montreal and with global B2B companies including: ABB, EXFO, a world wide leader in telecom instrumentation, Victor Innovatex and Texel in Quebec. Jean-Pierre has particular achievements in green marketing and green product development, and he is recognized across North America having given several conferences on the subject. Jean-Pierre has been recently nominated for the position of the Chief Marketing Officer for IPL Plastics, an North American leader in plastics products. At ABB, he was responsible for the global corporate development of his business unit covering the product portfolio management as well as all of the marketing management. Previously, he was the Executive and Marketing Vice President in charge of corporate sustainable strategies for Victor Innovatex. During this period, Jean-Pierre was responsible for the profitable evolution of the corporate business model in the industry’s value chain, as well as for the planning, organization and management of the entire marketing department.