Program Overview

Signals From the Noise

What marketing leaders have learned about data, analytics and insights to drive better business outcomes

Only three out of 10 marketing leaders are really confident that their data engine can keep them ahead of sudden disruptions in markets, customer behavior and world events. For marketers facing a steep data marketing maturity curve, much work lies ahead. Our program examines the challenges marketing leaders have to overcome in order to realize marketing’s full data potential. These range from inadequate data systems to lack of talent to a corporate culture resistant to change.

We’re taking a close look at the acceleration of data-driven marketing, such as:

  • Finding new data sources
  • Advancing predictive capabilities
  • Improving decision support
  • Generating actionable insights
  • Personalizing CX
  • Extracting relevant data signals
  • Adopting AI in marketing
  • Balancing intuition and intellect
  • Using data for effective storytelling
  • And more!

We explore how far data-driven marketing has come since the pandemic, what data/analytics/insights capabilities marketing leaders enjoy today, and where they’re planning to go in the next 12 months.



Curated Facts & Stats

The Global Mobile Artificial Intelligence Market is estimated to be USD 7.2 Bn in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 22.08 Bn by 2026.

Source: Globe News Wire

38% of marketers said maximizing performance across channels was one of their most difficult challenges

Source: Mar Tech Advisor

Companies that invested in customer engagement boosted revenue by an impressive 70%.

Source: Forbes

Only 14% of organizations say they are successfully running coordinated marketing campaigns.

Source: MarketingProfs

The worldwide Artificial Intelligence Market hit USD 328.34 billion in 2021.

Source: Globe News Wire

[Storytelling] generate closeness, empathy and helps develop connections with a consumer whose way of engaging with products and services is ever-changing.

Source: Media Update

43% of the marketers surveyed said they use intent data to personalize contact communications [with customers].

Source: Mar Tech Advisor

Two-thirds (66%) of Gen Zers say that most of the companies they do business with need to improve their CX

Source: The Drum

Program Themes

  • Marketing Performance
  • CX Strategy
  • Customer Behavior
  • Market Intelligence Resources