Localize to Optimize Sales Effectiveness

Program is focused on driving best practices and thought leadership in optimizing the delivery of localized marketing support.

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Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness will focus on driving best practices and thought leadership in optimizing the delivery of localized marketing support, engaging and acquiring customers on a local level, as well as connecting and resonating with local community interests, icons, preferences and hot buttons. Qualitative and quantitative interactions will be undertaken with leading brands in the automotive, retail, business service, insurance, banking, retail brokerage, hospitality, lodging, foodservice, technology, entertainment and health care sectors. A leadership committee of 15-20 top marketers in the localized marketing field will be assembled and an online survey will audit and assess issues, obstacles, competencies, proficiencies, experiences, successes, outcomes and intentions in the area of localized marketing.


Despite the homogenization of markets, media channels and brand experiences globally, localization of messages, images, creative executions, offers, deals and interactions is still critical to marketing effectiveness and customer relationship building across many business categories. While the Internet may have eclipsed the trusty Yellow Pages book as the primary go-to resource for finding things locally (and providing third-party validation), consumers still desire a very local buying and service experience from a trusted community participant and presence.

The advent of multi-channel, digital marketing is transforming customer engagement, both globally and locally. It is giving local businesses a global presence and global businesses a local face and pipeline into micro-populations, prospects and continuity customers. Local marketing automation platforms and solutions are enabling national or regional marketers to produce, package, distribute and digitally repurpose multiple versions of content, collateral, advertising, direct mail, promotion and in-store merchandising materials very cost-efficiently and effectively. It is enabling them to truly localize and customize campaigns by community, to accommodate factors such as climate, geography, ethnic composition, demographics, shopper-graphics, psychographics, politics, and even neuro-sensory influences.

Media companies in the cable, broadcast, print, mobile, Internet and outdoor display sectors are introducing more targeted zone, zip code and even location-based messaging and media buying capabilities. And the same is true at point-of-sale with behavioral targeting, leveraging the transactional histories of loyalty and reward club members shopping at supermarkets, drug stores and mass merchant outlets. Downsizing the world-wide web to a neighborhood locator network is transforming the classified advertising and local listings business and bringing localized search marketing innovations to the demand generation and traffic building capabilities of field networks, sales channels, service locations and merchant outlets of national brand marketers. These include local agents, dealers, franchisees, branch offices, manufacturers reps, consultants, brokers, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. Localized social marketing is also harvesting the audience reach and viral value of hundreds of millions of active and addicted social gamers, personal content publishers, brand and personality fans, as well as community networking enthusiasts.

Advances in media, buying, tracking and reporting systems using the Internet are also introducing higher levels of transparency, accountability, reporting and measurement to co-op, localized and network marketing programs on a grassroots level. Centralizing the origination of localized marketing content and programs also delivers significant cost-savings, assures greater brand integrity, reduces errors and improves time-to-market. In addition, localized marketing support drives participation, interest and enthusiasm in the field, boosting sales effectiveness and closure.


Facts & Stats

2.6 billion local searches are performed each month on the Internet, which has now surpassed print, the Yellow Pages and newspaper as the primary source for local consumer service information - Piper Jaffray

27 percent of all mobile searches are for local information - Piper Jaffray

30 percent of all search queries contain a city, state or zip code - Redline Performance Marketing

63 percent of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books - Spears Marketing

84% of searchers are looking online for a local business - Spears Marketing

73% of online activity is related to local content - Spears Marketing

82% of local searches result in an in-store visit, phone call, or purchase - Spears Marketing

Up to 46% of local searches result in a store visit - nearly 4 in 10 US Internet users (37%) who conducted an online local business search in 2009 ended up visiting the store in person, up 5% over 2008 - TMP Directional Marketing

Two out of every five streaming video ad dollars will come from local advertisers next year. - 2011 Advertising Forecast Memo

Local online advertising should grow by almost 18%, from $13.7 billion in 2010 to $16.1 billion in 2011 - 2011 Advertising Forecast Memo

Use of targeted display by advertisers local to the markets where their ads run will more than double in 2011, reaching more than $2.3 billion - 2011 Advertising Forecast Memo

Email advertising will see strong growth in 2011, up 9% to $16.0 billion, but only 3 percent is local - 2011 Advertising Forecast Memo

Google expects its new "Place Search" feature to become a cornerstone of its service because more than 20 percent of its search requests include something about a particular location. - SFGate

The market for alternative positioning technologies will reach an astounding $2.5 billion by 2015 - International Business Times

Only 4 percent of US online adults have ever used location-based mobile apps such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt; only 1% update these services more than once per week - Advertising Age

Almost 80% of location-based service users are male. Close to 70% of them are between the ages of 19 and 35, and 70% have college degrees or higher - Advertising Age

Local businesses quite often hire employees with better product knowledge and more interest in getting to know the customers. - Ecomii Buy-Local Marketing 


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