Delivering Positive Impressions During Market Depressions

The Criticality of Custom Content and Digital Media Channels in Reassuring Customers and Managing Messages, Conversations and Communications

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As the global financial crisis and U.S. credit rating downgrade takes grip, banks of all sizes are challenged to leverage and activate custom media channels to reassure, engage, inform, advise, and notify customers, stakeholders and investors. Quick response to ever-changing conditions and market gyrations requires nimble content provisioning and adept use of digital media channels for rapid versioning, content personalization, as well as customization relative to audience types and levels of sophistication.

This may be less daunting for those banks with custom media properties, content-rich web sites, and established customer linkages and connections through social media, online communities and email communications systems. However, many may have to scramble to develop timely, relevant andinformation-rich content that addresses new issues, complexities, concerns and complications in banking relationships among large enterprise, SMB and consumer customers. While others will be struggling to create and deliver critical content in new formats, eMedia types and delivery channels, such as mobile,web, and point-of-service signage systems. These embrace eMagazines, mobilemessaging, email, web postings, podcasts, mobile video, IP-TV programming, webinars, on-demand webcasts, and HumanKiosks at branch office locations.

How well are banks delivering positive impressions during market recessions? To what degree are they reassuring customers and managing messages, conversations and communications around economic trials and business performance tribulations? The CMO Council tapped its extensive membership base in financial services, as well as members of the ABA’s marketing network and other affiliated groups in North America.


Facts & Stats

  • Traditional media may be on the ropes but it is still an important source driving online search. Sam Sebastian of Google offered the somewhat surprising statistic that 67% of searchers go online from an off-line channel. Of these, 37% come from TV, 30% from print publications, 20% from in-store, and 17% from
  • 87% of CMOs said they perceive custom content as valuable or very valuable, according to the survey, an increase of 15% in the five years since the last survey. Forty percent said it was “very” valuable, compared to just 11% in 2006. Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communication
  • 94% of the 100 or so CMOs and top-level marketing executives surveyed indicated that custom content strengthens their bonds with consumers. 85% say it makes consumers likely to buy again. And 90% said they believe that consumers find custom-content information useful. Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communication
  • Business marketers on average spend 29.42% of their current marketing budget on the creation and execution of custom content.
  • 75% of business professionals believe custom magazines improve a company’s images. Custom Content Council
  • 94% of business people found custom publications a useful source of information. Custom Content Council
  • 30% of those surveyed purchased a product or service from a custom publication. Custom Content Council
  • 74% of business professionals consider custom magazines a more effective vehicle than traditional advertising. Custom Content Council
  • 94% of business professionals think custom publications are important links to their purchasing decisions. Custom Content Council
  • 92% of marketing directors rated custom publishing effective at relationship building, generating loyalty and client retention. Custom Content Council
  • 37% of business consumers spend 30 minutes or more reading a custom magazine. Custom Content Council
  • 40% of the above will pass along the magazine to other qualified buyers in their respective company. Custom Content Council
  • 50% of business professionals say custom magazines build customer loyalty and 33% report a custom magazine would make them feel valued. Custom Content Council
  • 2010 saw a surge in emerging platforms for custom content, with video, mobile, virtual events and educational content spending hitting an all-time high of $12.5 billion. Custom Content Council
  • Print still dominates the market, with $24 billion spent on print production and distribution, and $3.6 billion spent on other forms of content. Custom Content Council
  • Paid advertisements expanded for the third year in a row, with 30% of printed custom publications carrying them. Custom Content Council


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