Customer Attainment From Event Engagement

Benchmarking the Business Value of Trade Shows and Events


The CMO Council’s cooperative thought leadership campaign with the Exhibit and Event Marketing Association (E2MA) benchmarked the business value of trade shows and events, in addition to identifying new tools, technologies and techniques for driving experiential marketing effectiveness. Its research and marketer interactions  also provide recommendations for new systems and approaches to certifying and verifying trade show attendance, harvesting and acting on lead flow, gathering market intelligence, and improving attendee engagement through content marketing, social media and mobile connectivity.


Facts & Stats

10% of the overall corporate budget is dedicated to marketing with 25% of the average marketing budget spent on event marketing. MPI

CEIR had conducted a study on the trends in trade show marketing and determined that the medium spend on a trade show event was about $17k in 2011. The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group

79 percent said that a key obstacle of experientia marketing was "measuring/demonstrating experiential marketing ROI". Destination CRM

The EventTrack 2012 study found that in a slowly rebounding economy, brands are expecting their event and experiential marketing budgets to grow by nearly eight percent (7.8%) in 2012, more than double last year’s rate of (3.6%). Event Marketing Institute

According to the report, 99 percent of exhibitors find unique value delivered by business-to-business exhibitions, which other marketing channels cannot provide. Expo Web

Commissioned by the CAANZ Marcomms Leadership Group (MLG) and the Marketing Association, the Buzz Channel survey asked respondents how they planned to split their marketing budget in 2011 (29 percent of respondents had a marketing budget of $100,001-$500,000, and 44 percent had a marketing budget of over $500,000). Experiential Marketing Association of New Zealand

A recent study considered the marketing strategies of about 1,000 executives of marketing departments at leading companies in several sectors. The findings indicate that among marketing executives about 30% plan to transition to experience marketing. About 28% have already done so. SBWire

84 percent of brand-side survey respondents say that events and experiential marketing are considered “very important/critical” or “important” by their organizations. PR Web

One of the study’s main findings is that the average event marketing campaign relies on almost 6 other channels to optimize results. Of these, email ranks #1 with a 76% adoption rate among event marketers who also rely on word-of-mouth, website, social media, direct mail, telemarketing, and ad placements. Business 2 Community

For the past 10 years, an average of 81%-83% of visitors have some kind of buying power. Skyline Trade Show Tips

According to the survey, 42 percent of marketers plan to decrease spending on physical conferences and tradeshows over the next year. InterCall

“The new Insights on Trends in Marketing Spend on Business-to-Business Exhibitions report published by the Center for Exhibition Research reveals that B2B enterprises spent 39.2% of their marketing budgets on trade shows. This percentage is down slightly from the previous year but up markedly since the start of the recession. Optimize My Brand

While 47 percent of exhibitors say the Great Recession has prompted decreases in exhibiting budgets, 40 percent have reduced the number of exhibitions and 44 percent note the number or budget for private travel has decreased, according to the “Use and Value” report. Expo Web

When asked to list the top three marketing elements for accelerating and deepening relationships, event marketing led at 64 percent, followed by social marketing at 55 percent and Web marketing at 54 percent. PR Log

Companies usually spend less than 20% of their budget on event marketing. HubSpot

Event marketing (32%) and Web marketing (32%) and are the first marketing channels to benefit from an increase in the overall marketing budget. MPI

Marketers say they spend most trade show money on booth space and set up and furnishings. About 6% of the budget goes to on-site promotional materials and another 5% for on-site sponsorship, according to new Insights on Trends in Marketing Spend on Business-to-Business Exhibitions report published by the Center for Exhibition Research. Optimize My Brand

44% of respondents indicate that event marketing is taken under consideration along with other mediums and 32% characterize events as a vital component of the marketing plan; 11% say events are a lead tactic. MPI

Based on responses from more than 500 marketers nationwide, the second annual Unisfair survey reveals 60 percent of respondents plan to increase spending of virtual events and environments this year and that if budgets were not an issue, 67 percent would host 10 or more virtual events in the next 12 months. InterCall

The meetings industry contributes $263B in direct spending to the U.S. economy.Convention Industry Council

The meetings industry’s direct contributions to GDP are $106B. Convention Industry Council

205M attendees participate in the nation’s 1.8M conventions, conferences, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events and corporate/business meetings. Convention Industry Council

Respondents are increasingly turning to virtual events, with 40 percent indicating the primary benefit of holding a virtual event is the ability to reach a much larger audience for less money. InterCall

Email is the most widely used event promotional channel.HubSpot

According to new findings from EventView 2009: North America, companies that have a process for post-event measurement are twice as likely to receive increases in their marketing budgets than those that do not. MeetingsNet

93 percent of respondents agreed that experiential marketing generates advocacy and word-of-mouth recommendations. Destination CRM

87 percent said they were interested in learning about "measuring engagement." Destination CRM

One third of the respondents said they were increasing spend on PR, experiential and events (marcomms activities) at the expense of paid advertising. Experiential Marketing Association of New Zealand

Respondents report that of all marketing elements, they see the greatest ROI from Web marketing (40%), with event marketing coming in second at 22 percent. PR Log

92 percent agreed that experiential marketing builds brand awareness and brand relationships. Destination CRM

Experiential marketing shows the biggest signs of growth, with almost half saying they will use experiential marketing in their next financial year, a 42 percent increase on the previous year. Experiential Marketing Association of New Zealand

A recent Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and American Marketing Association (AMA) study suggested that social media spending will be nearly 20 percent of marketing budgets by 2015. It is likely that money is being taken from trade show budgets as well as other forms of outbound marketing and being moved to online marketing efforts. HubSpot

The average visitor spends 9.2 hours at a 2-3 day trade show. Skyline Trade Show Tips

53% choose event marketing as the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships followed by public relations 19%. MPI

The percentage of marketers that rank the future importance of events as increasing went up this year, from 29 percent to 36 percent. PR Log

Proving that virtual engagement is here to stay, 46 percent of those polled predict more than 50 percent of corporate events will be hybrid within two years, with another 41 percent predicting that shift will take place within five years. InterCall

Marketers say they spend most trade show money on booth space and set up and furnishings. About 6% of the budget goes to on-site promotional materials and another 5% for on-site sponsorship, according to new Insights on Trends in Marketing Spend on Business-to-Business Exhibitions report published by the Center for Exhibition Research. Optimize My Brand

As event marketing naysayers continue raising this channel’s disadvantages, more than 4 out of every 10 B2B marketers are tapping into the opportunities from event-based prospecting. Business 2 Community


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