Bringing Dexterity to Subscriber Complexity

Managing the Challenge of Change and Choice in Communications and Media Markets.

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Bringing Dexterity to Subscriber Complexity will explore the growing imperative to more effectively manage the challenge of change and choice in today’s communications and media markets. This multi-faceted, multi-channel initiative will embrace global thought leaders and experts from some of the world’s biggest operators and service providers, industry organizations and media groups to drive global market discussions and conversations. Through a reservoir of intellectual capital, content, and survey data as well as a report derived from a quantitative survey and qualitative interviews with industry leaders, the program will offer rich industry content, executive perspectives and insights into the issues, obstacles, opportunities and best practices for maximizing subscriber relationships and value at a time of unprecedented complexity and choice.


Managing the challenge of subscriber complexity and choice in communications and media markets now represents one of the most critical business imperatives facing service providers worldwide. Subscriber expectations are exploding around value, features, services, pricing, quality, convenience, user control, and personalization – with more opportunities than ever to switch allegiances to both established and new disruptive competitors. Successful operators must achieve new levels of flexibility, time to market, insight and efficiency in the way they activate, cultivate and optimize their subscriber base. At the same time, they must focus on innovation and improve how they identify and address diverse customer needs and cost-effectively manage network resources in the face of rising bandwidth demands from their diverse user base.



Facts & Stats

Annual churn rates for telecommunications companies average between 10 percent and 67 percent - Database Marketing Institute

With broadband Internet service provider (ISP) satisfaction showing a decline of 11 percent during the past two years, telecoms should take note of this attitudinal shift, acknowledging the stakes of managing customers’ relationships have never been higher. - Jupiter Research, sponsored by RightNow Technologies

Forty percent of consumers who highly value telecom customer service said they would purchase from another merchant based on a poor customer service experience - Jupiter Research, sponsored by RightNow Technologies

96 percent of customers who put forth high effort to resolve their issues are more disloyal—an eye-opening number when companies consider that 59 percent of customers report moderate-to-high perceived additional effort in a service interaction. - CEB

CEB’s research found that, in aggregate, customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty. For companies seeking to mitigate disloyalty, reducing customer effort—not delighting the customer-is the greatest lever the contact center can pull - CEB

Roughly 75 percent of the 17 to 20 million subscribers signing up with a new wireless carrier every year are coming from another wireless provider and hence are already churners. It costs hundreds of dollars to acquire a new customer in most Telecom industries. When a customer leaves, we lose not only the future revenue from this customer but also the resources we spent to acquire the customer in the first place. - Database Marketing Institute

According to its British parent's annual report, for the quarter to September, Vodafone's Indian operations recorded an annualised 'customer churn' of 41percent. In other words, 41percent of its 118 million subscribers will leave during the year - Vodafone


Studies & White Papers


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