Ever since graduating in computer engineering, the possibilities of cloud communications and CPaaS have fascinated me. There's a new world of opportunities for businesses to communicate effortlessly with customers across multiple channels. This is exciting.   The fact that you can do this without investing heavily in infrastructure or software tools makes unifonic an exciting place to work. This is a technology whose time has come - particularly for emerging markets.   I joined unifonic in 2011 when they acquired the start-up business I helped found. I’m so proud of the journey we’ve been on. During this time I:   - Implemented the enterprise first go2market strategy - Achieved an average 40% annual growth over 5 years   My current role is to bring the unifonic brand to the world - so that it’s the first brand that comes to mind when you think about cloud communications for emerging markets.   Being the leader means identifying the categories you want to own and doing what it takes to be the number 1. Nobody really cares about the second best business.   For me, customer-centric isn’t just a marketing cliche. It means focusing the efforts of an organisation on what represents value, what problems you solve in each target sector - and having clearly expressed solutions.   With a proven record of building high performing sales and marketing teams. In my experience this means finding people who:   - Think differently - Treat targets as the baseline, not the goal - Are always ready to listen and learn - Putcustomers (internal and external) first   My start-up experience and focus is something I’m keen to bring to others. So I also help founders to clarify their business model and achieve better performance.