Devan Moodley

Chief Executive Officer

One Stop Charge

Devan is a dynamic, forward thinking business leader, passionate about all things Automotive, New Mobility (electric, shared and autonomous), Digital Transformation and Coaching. The keywords that drive him are innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and partnership. He is on a mission to inspire transformation to smarter mobility. Over the past 20+ years, he has developed extensive skills in the areas of Corporate Sales Management (Regional, Direct, Government, Security & VIP), Financial Services and Product & Brand Management in the automotive industry. He has the rare ability to persuade, motivate, connect and inspire at functional and board levels. Leveraging his brand marketing experiences, he delivers strategies, tools and practical guides on how to build, grow and maintain authentic, value-driven and influential brands in this highly competitive, digital landscape. Devan's drive as the CEO of One Stop Charge is fuelled by the will to drive positive change for society and mankind. He pursues this approach not only in his business activities, but also as an ambassador for sustainable change in mobility through technological innovation. Devan will be the Master of Ceremonies at the upcoming E-Mobility Congress of South Africa (1-2 March 2021).