With over 20 years of experience, Jamshed has a proven track record as a Leader and an Innovator. Jamshed is recognised as an expert in driving transformation in Digital and Marketing.


As an agile and adaptable professional, Jamshed has been able to thrive and succeed in his career and accomplish many milestones during his tenure at Intel. Jamshed has established Centres of Excellence. Led Digital Transformation. Managed Global Sales Accounts and P&L and Led Product management.


At present, Jamshed is an advisor for Marketing and Strategy at Bolt Global, a media ecosystem based on Blockchain technology. Jamshed is also an expert advisor at Startup-O, a global StartUp platform, and a mentor at Eduspaze, Singapore’s first EdTech accelerator. As a futurist and innovator, his advisory areas are best aligned to five functions— advising product development, user experience, advertising, revenue partnerships, and creating a global brand.


Though grounded in the present, Jamshed operates as a change agent and futurist. His strength lays in challenging the status quo. He has the ability to thrive in challenging environments. And an ability to develop a strategy for innovation. Operationalise a new vision and energise people to transform a business. His peers and colleagues recognise Jamshed as an intrapreneur.


Inspiration comes in all forms. But, in his career, he has been most inspired by individuals with a curious nature and a passion for change.


Passion, transparency, integrity and support has been his greatest leadership traits. The success and High-Performance of his team members is a result of these and trust and motivation.


As a respected expert, he continues to advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry.


He is a guest lecturer at many prestigious Universities and Management Institutes. And a well-respected and requested speaker on Marketing, Digital Transformation and Leadership.