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The 2011 State of Marketing

Say goodbye to “Random Acts of Marketing” as integration, alignment, visibility and return on investment (ROI) all top the list of requirements for marketing performance improvement through 2011. Among the priorities, marketers intend to add a one-two-punch of marketing analytics talent coupled with strategic planning and business development experience to better target, segment and then act on growth opportunities. The CMO Council surveyed over 750 of its members to gather insights and contributions for its seminal report, The 2011 State Of Marketing: Outlook, Intentions and Investments.

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Featuring 40 research charts

1. What were your top accomplishments in 2010?

2. What business factors or market forces are influencing how you determine and allocate marketing dollars?

3. What senior management mandates does marketing have for 2011?

4. Do you believe this is realistic and attainable?

5. What organizational and operational changes do you expect to undertake in 2011?

6. What do you see as some of the emerging issues or challenges marketers have to address in your industry going into 2011?

7. Which areas of business need or opportunity will recieve the most resources and funds in 2011?

8.What are you doing to improve marketing operational efficiency in 2011?

9. What steps are you taking to maximize the impact and value of marketing in 2011?

10. What is your current span of authority?

11. What was your total spend on external marketing programs in 2010?

12. What is your marketing budget as a percentage of revenue?

13. What percentage change in your budget do you anticipate in 2011 over 2010?

14. How do you expect to allocate your marketing budget across operational and functional areas in the coming year?

15. How do you expect to allocate program (demand generation and advertising) spend across the following mix elements in the coming year?

16. How much do you expect to spend on new digital media or online marketing programs in 2011?

17. How much is this a percentage of your overall marketing budget?

18. Using your company's 2010 media spend (non-headcount) as a baseline, how much do you expect the following media mix elements to change in 2011?

19. What headcount changes do you anticipate in 2011?

20. What talent or internal resources do you expect to develop or recruit in 2011?

21. What transformational projects will you be undertaking in 2011?

22. How do you rate your online marketing performance capability?

23. What measures and metrics do you use to track the effectiveness of online marketing or advertising campaigns?

24. What new marketing automation solutions do you intend to deploy in 2011?

25. What benefits do you expect to gain from marketing automation investments?

26. What new or alternative marketing or media channels are you evaluating?

27. How do you rate the value and contributions of your agency partners?

28. What agency changes do you plan to make in 2011?

29. If you are making agency changes, what are the key reasons for the change?

30. Do you feel your job is at risk or on the line in the coming year?

31. On a personal note, what are your professional objectives in 2011?

32. What new skills or competencies are you looking to develop to advance your own career?

33. What are your biggest sources of frustration or aggravation?

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