Ambush Marketing

The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) released "Ambush Marketing: A Global Legal Perspective," which summarizes laws and other rules governing ambush marketing in 52 countries around the world. Ambush marketing, a controversial marketing practice that pits non-sponsors against rights holders, is as prevalent as ever as marketers seek to associate themselves, rightly or wrongly, with signi... More


Customer Attainment From Event Engagement

While events and trade shows are still a vital part of the marketing and customer engagement mix, senior marketers remain challenged to identify effective methods to measure and prove ROI, according to this CMO Council study, conducted in partnership with the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association. Further complicating this scenario is that events and trade shows have largely remained isolated ... More


Staging and Gauging

After facing the challenges of reduced travel following 9/11 and event-spend cutbacks during the subsequent business slowdown, event marketing rebounded. Expenditures on sponsorships, shows, conferences, meetings and other event activities grew by 15 percent in 2003 to over $140 billion, per Promotion Marketing Association/PROMO magazine. This growth environment led the CMO Council to launch ... More

State of Marketing 2012 Report Cover

State of Marketing 2012

The outlook is distinctly positive for marketers as executives head into 2013 with renewed confidence in their roles and business performance. Despite a varied and mixed outlook for the global economy, chief marketers report positive outlooks for their roles and functional areas. Nearly 70 percent received a salary or bonus in 2011, and 73 percent expect the same at the end of this year depending ... More


Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field

Vendor content frequently lacks value and trustworthiness in the eyes of BtoB buyers, who are increasingly turning to more trusted, peer-driven sources of  content along their path to purchase, according to the CMO Council's Content ROI Center. This white paper includes the results of a survey of more than 400 BtoB buyers and content seekers around the world who were reached through NetLine C... More


State of Marketing 2014

The "State of Marketing"—the most valued annual study by the CMO Council—provides an in-depth view of global marketing vitality and direction and serves as a valuable resource tool to help calibrate, prioritize and make a business case for marketing investments. The benchmark report is based on a 50-point assessment taken by more than 525 senior-level marketers from around the globe. T... More