Winning the Value Race

Accelerating the Shift from Insight into Action



Leading FMCG manufacturers and retailers are facing major challenges in keeping pace with the needs, preferences and behaviors of today’s fast-changing consumers and their evolving definitions of value. Many marketers are beginning to ask themselves whether their legacy brands are an advantage or a liability as they fight for the hearts, minds and wallets of shoppers.

Marketers know they need to better understand and respond to their customers and what is driving their shopping behavior. Many are reallocating dollars into developing deeper customer data sets in the hope they can gain insights to drive better product innovation and improved consumer engagement. Unfortunately, as more data floods into their systems, marketers are struggling to reach the timely insights into changing shopper preferences needed to respond quickly and effectively.

The CMO Council, in partnership with Catalina, a market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media, has launched an investigation into Consumer Value in the age of the connected customer. Our audit will ask you to assess how, where and why value is being created, enhanced, identified and measured across online and in-store experiences with the end consumer. It also explores the gaps that exist in marketers’ ability to bridge the gap between consumer intelligence and action. This includes an assessment of the entire omni-channel landscape from direct communications to advertising.


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Facts & Stats

48 percent of retailers are prioritizing the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their marketing methods, expectations and goals next year.

Source: My Total Retail

44 percent of consumers say they switch to brands that do a better job of personalizing the content they saw.

Source: eMarketer

36 percent of respondents don’t measure the ROI (return on investment) from their content marketing efforts and 19 percent say they don’t know how to.

Source: eMarketer

Of organizations that track ROI for content marketing, 49 percent report an increase in sales.

Source: business2community

65 percent of respondents in the US feel that a positive experience with a brand is more influential than great advertising.

Source: business2community

In-store shopping is still the preferred retail channel for 82 percent of Millennials, even the ones who also engage in online shopping.

Source: Small Biz Genius

The average U.S. household is enrolled in more than 18 loyalty programs but is only active in about 8.

Source: Macorr

Omni channel marketing in an automation workflow boosts engagement rates 13.5 percent more than single-channel marketing

Source: business2community

Program Themes

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Behavior
  • Commerce Trends
  • Customer Insights
  • Market Intelligence Resources