Markus Kramer

Global Marketing Director

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

Markus Kramer is heading up worldwide Marketing for Aston Martin. Based out of the UK, he builds teams and full spectrum marketing frameworks to enable powerful, consistent and efficient brand delivery in multi market environments. Previous work spans seven years of brand, marketing and retail network development for Harley-Davidson Motor Company as well as a number of automotive Marketing, Sales and Retail Network Development positions at other makes. Besides his architectural background, Markus also holds a federal degree in Marketing Planning & Communications (Switzerland), a degree in International Project Management from the University of California in Berkeley (USA) and an MBA from the SAID Business School at the University of Oxford (UK). Markus has lived and worked in several countries, is culturally versatile and fluent in five languages. He is Swiss at heart, but lives since 2006 in Oxford, UK.