Lesley Pocock

Publisher and Managing Director

medi + WORLD International

Lesley Pocock, is Publisher and Managing Director of medi+WORLD International (mWI) which she founded in 2000. Lesley's background is in both technology and medicine and this multimedia publishing house specialises in finding better ways of teaching postgraduate medicine. Since setting up medi+WORLD International Lesley has founded several complementary companies and NGOs in international postgraduate medical education and information. Lesley works for major NGOs on their international projects as well as her own. Four countries use her postgraduate medical education as an affordable alternative to developing their own. Most commercial medical education services are made either free of charge, or at NFP, to low-income nations. In 2008 Lesley and a Middle East partner set up the first Multimedia University (MMU – Multimedia Medical University) specialising in distance education for world doctors and eliminating the major costs involved in seeking overseas education. Her Middle East presence started when acting as Executive Director of Global Family Doctor when she was asked by colleagues in the Middle East, in 2003, to set up a Journal of Family Medicine for the region. This collaboration has built and the Middle East team now produce five journals, the MEJFM, ME-JAA, MEJN, ME-JIM and MEJB as well as a range of regional business and other services. Lesley's career background has been predominantly in innovation, from originally putting computers into the Australian Standard Industrial code, publishing the first book in the world (a complex directory) entirely by computer, to complex distance education strategies and trials utilising ICT i.e. to develop new ways of teaching medicine. Her current interests are in the real (commercial) benefits of sustainable and ethical business, and she is working with international colleagues to ensure the survival of the planet as a viable ecosphere.