Bennet Bayer

Global CMO & Board Advisor

Bennet Bayer has served five global tenures as CMO, three as a CEO along with a Board Member and Advisor to a number of companies and is recognized as “one the 50 most influential cloud executives in the world” by MSP Mentor and awarded by Forbes as an “innovation creator.”  He provides 30-years of domain expertise in cloud, mobile, ICT/IDC, big data and related software business leading large-scale global business to $56bn.  He has two IPO’s and 37 significant liquidity events, three corporate transformations and 106 large-scale “Big Data” implementations.
As a career product marketer, his record of achievement includes spearheading four $0 to $350m successes and is credited with the development and launch of the world’s first mobile app store, digital camera and global VoIP business along with 400+ new products, services and 1,100+ software applications.
A martech domain expert he has conducted global Omni-channel marketing to over 3-billion users daily and his B2B and B2B2C efforts have generated over $67bn in new revenue during his various tenures; he excels in go-to-market differentiation, innovation, digital transformation and building strategic alliances and ecosystems.