Suparna Chhibber-Mohler

Head of Marketing, Strategic Initiative


Suparna Chhibber likes to build new ideas and businesses with people who are far smarter than she, and she is currently honing her craft on a startup project at Amazon. Until December 2016, she was the marketing leader for Amazon Launchpad (, a program that enables startups to launch, build their brand and get discovered on Amazon. As one of the founding members for the program, she was instrumental in program development and launch. Prior to Launchpad, she held other intrapreneurial marketing roles within Amazon and in the travel, consulting and hospitality industries. She has also managed an assortment of B2C and B2B marketing functions ranging from planning and strategy, customer relationship management (CRM), international marketing and multicultural marketing. 
In her spare time, she volunteers for causes related to youth and women's development and has served as a board member for Empowered Youth, a nonprofit serving at-risk youth.