Nancy Bhagat

VP, Incubation Team

Intel Corporation

Nancy Bhagat is Vice President of Intel's newly formed marketing team designed to support emerging product areas. She leads a team focused on new business opportunities in untraditional areas from early stage product development to innovative services. Nancy was previously Intel's Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Group, and served as Director of Marketing Strategy and Campaigns. She led a team of strategic marketers that acted as the advocate of Intel's end customers and is responsible for creating strategies, and messages that will be relevant and impactful. This included strategic go-to-marketing plans, communications strategy, media strategy and messaging. Bhagat was initially hired at Intel to create and manage the Integrated Marketing Group, where she pioneered a new open source agency model and drove several digital innovations. She was responsible for all advertising, digital marketing, global media, corporate events, marketing communications, brand identify and design, agency management worldwide. Bhagat's career spans the breadth of marketing disciplines with emphasis on brand and product strategy, and digital and integrated marketing. She has extensive global experience. Prior to joining Intel in September 2005, Bhagat held several lead roles within the software industry. She was most recently at Macromedia, where she was the Chief Marketing Officer. Bhagat was the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Computer Associates International where she played a critical role in driving the rebranding and repositioning of the company in the early 2000s. In addition to her career on the client marketing side, Bhagat spent several years in the advertising world in senior, global positions at agencies such J. Walter Thompson and a start up marketing boutique Schell Mullaney. Bhagat holds a bachelor's degree with a double major in Business Administration and Political Science from Gettysburg College. She is a frequent speaker and participates across various marketing councils.