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December 2012

Top Marketers Expect Salary Increase Finds CMO Study

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s State of Marketing 2012 report found 77 per cent earn a base salary of between $100,000 to $349,000, while 42 per cent anticipate a bonus. Another possible 31 per cent expect a bonus based on performance.

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2013 Will Be ' The Year Of The Marketer ': The CMO Council

It has been a wild ride for chief marketing officers since the recession depths of 2008, when many CMOs thought their jobs were in jeopardy. That’s ancient history now, according to the CMO Council’s latest annual state of marketing audit, released Dec. 3.

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Hiring & Salaries On The Rise in Marketing: CMO Survey

Some 69 percent of senior marketers received a salary increase or bonus in 2011, and 42 percent expect the same this year, according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council's State of Marketing 2012 report, released today. Another 31 percent say they will see a raise or a bonus depending on performance.

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Marketers Expecting Increased Budgets And Big Salary Bonuses

According to the CMO Council's State of Marketing 2012 Report, which is based on interviews with 550 marketing bosses from around the world, 57% of marketers in the Asia Pacific region expect increases in marketing budgets next year.

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CMOs Declare 2013 The Year Of Digital

Fewer than one in five CMOs think their organizations are any good at digital marketing and 60% say they will be making agency changes this year to address a lack of innovation and dearth of value-added thinking from their outside partners. Half plan to hire new talent this year, with digital operations a priority.

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November 2012

Australian Marketers Lead Asia - Pacific As Early Adopters Of Digital Economy: Study

A recent study by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Adobe Systems has confirmed Australia as an early embracer of the digital economy and digital marketing across the Asia-Pacific region.

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From Big Data Science to Big Data Action

While analytics have been available to businesses for decades, but it has largely been the domain of business analysts and researchers. The rise of big data now places analytics firmly in the marketers court. Earlier in the year, a CMO Council and SAS reportindicated that only 26% of marketers leverage customer data and analytics to improve decisions, targeting and personalisation.

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Low Budgets And Lack Of Talent Leaves Asia - Pacific Lagging In Digital Marketing

Things aren’t looking great across the Asia-Pacific region in terms of digital marketing as new figures indicate that marketers in APAC may be lagging behind when it comes to ROI metrics, talent and digital strategies.

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CMO Council Introduces Leadership Audit Tool

The Chief Marketing Officer Council announced a new service, 4P Leadership Footprint Audit, as part of its Succeed by the Way You Lead professional development program.

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Asia's Marketers Willing But Not Able To Implement Digital Marketing: Adobe

The study was conducted by Adobe in partnership with the CMO Council.

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Seven Questions Kiwi Marketers Must Ask Themselves

The Seven Questions Kiwi Marketers Must Ask Themselves As They Prepare To Do Business In 2013.

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Marketers Urged to Fully Embrace Data

Speaking to B&T after the launch of the CMO Council/Adobe APAC digital performance dashboard, Abobe’s  Senior Director of APAC Marketing Mark Phibbs and CMO Council VP of global programs and operations Liz Miller stressed marketers are missing out on business opportunities because their ways of enlisting potential clients are 'old fashioned' and 'off-centre'.

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Australia Outstrips APAC for Digital Marketing Spend, Activity

According to new research released by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe Systems Incorporated, 41% of Australian marketers invest 25% or more of their total marketing budgets on digital. This was well ahead of any other APAC nation.

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Digital Marketing Powers Brands

There are few places in the world where more people are tech-savvy and prone to digitalizing everything than Korea. Noted global marketing experts said Tuesday that it was high time local businesses took that high penetration of technology and applied more digital marketing as well as boosting the role of chief marketing officers (CMO) in business.

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African Market Momentum: Insights, Obstacles and Opportunities

The CMO Council Africa Advisory Board Meeting is set to take place on Wednesday, 28 November 2012, via live tele-presence linking members and experts in Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Digital Marketing Skill Sets The Lowest In APAC Region, Survey States

While a majority of Indian marketers are analytical and strategic in their approach to digital marketing, support from senior management and budget limitations are low compared to their foreign counterparts, states a survey conducted jointly by CMO Council and Adobe. Titled the APAC igital Marketing Performance Dashboard, the survey revealed that a mere 20 per cent of Indian marketers earmarked over a quarter of marketing budgets to digital marketing. This figure is expected to grow by another 10 per cent in the coming year.

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Digital Ad Spend Will Double Over Next Few Years, Adobe Report Finds

A majority of advertisers across the Asia Pacific region will spend more than half of their marketing budget on digital channels within three years, according to Adobe.

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Digital Marketing Not the First Priority for Asia-Pacific Marketers

While 40 percent of the global marketing companies are pushing for internal digital marketing, an Adobe Digital Index Survey found that only 15 percent of marketers across the Asia-Pacific region are looking to implement a digital marketing campaign.

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Australia Outperforms APAC on Digital Marketing

Australian brands invest more in digital marketing than many of their counterparts in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore and South Korea, according to the Adobe/CMO Council Study.

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Australia Top in Asia Pacific for Digital Marketing Spending

Australia invests more in digital marketing than any other country in the Asia Pacific with a new study of showing that 41 per cent of Australian companies spend 25 per cent or more of their budgets on digital marketing.

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