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January 2016

The Great CMO Dichotomy

Being the sports and pop culture savant that I am, I very often will infuse a reference to the former or the latter – or even both, to make my point when it comes to our world of marketing, advertising and all that good stuff.

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Marketers fail to make most of data

The marketing world has no shortage of data but it does lack an ability to utilise this to predict customer behaviour and deliver personalised content, a new study has said. 

The study from the CMO Council – Predicting Routes to Revenue – was based on insights from more than 150 senior marketing executives surveyed across North America and Europe during the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Mobile and Social Are Overrated, Marketers Say

Mobile and social are not critical to your marketing department's ROI — least according to the marketers participating in a survey just released by the CMO Council. 

Only 5 percent of marketers rated a mobile-first campaign execution to optimize mobile engagement as critical to revenue and profitability. And just 7 percent look at social engagement channels, including click-to-buy and social service plug-ins, as critical to do the same.

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Personalization Progress Stalled by Lack of Insights

When it comes to personalization, real time remains theright time to engage customers and prospects. But the clock keeps ticking even as brands struggle to achieve relevance, personalization, and fulfill their brand promises.

This constant struggle stems from marketers' inability to reach customers' full potential due to a lack of insights, inaccurate data alignment, and no visibility into the customer lifecycle. The CMO Council's study, "Predicting Routes to Revenue," released yesterday and conducted in partnership with Pegasystems, highlights these disparities. 

The study surveyed more than 150 marketers to better understand how these professionals are making the real-time decisions that impact customer engagement strategies and maximize revenue potential. Although most marketers said they recognize the need for real-time personalization and consistent experiences, many say they're unable to advance their efforts because of a lack of forward-looking campaign metrics and an incomplete view of the customer.

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The future of personalization

If you haven’t been thinking about the future of personalization — you should. The CMO Council released a fascinating study today, looking at how marketers are viewing/using personalization and what that means for all of us down the road.

The study, done in partnership with Pegasystems, is entitled “Predicting Routes to Revenue, and found that nearly half of marketers say their current analytics programs have the ability to give a clear view of past performance but do little to shed light on the road ahead.  The study is based on insights from more than 150 senior marketing executives surveyed primarily across North America and Europe during the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Marketers Feel Overwhelmed By Predictive Data Amid Struggle Over ‘Customer Experience’

A slim 5 percent of marketers express confidence in their ability to adapt and predict the customer journey in an efficient way, while 48 percent confess most of their analytics falls behind separate department walls and is not well aligned, a study by the CMO Council has found.

In a survey of 150 senior marketing executives across North America and Europe during Q4 2015 in conjunction with business software provider Pegasystems, marketing execs say they feel “overloaded” with predictive analytics and are largely unable to make that data actionable in a manner that makes connecting with shoppers easier for both sides of the transaction.

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Most marketers can’t predict the customer journey and admit they aren’t maximizing revenue

If we believe what we’re being told, marketers in 2016 should be able to take the overabundance of data at their fingertips and leverage it for their benefit, day in and day out.

But according to a new study, released today by the CMO Council and conducted in partnership with Pegasystems, it appears this isn’t the case at all.

In the report — entitled “Predicting Routes to Revenue” — only 5 percent of marketers say they have mastered the ability to adapt and predict the customer journey and truly understand which actions will derive maximum value.

That’s a pretty grim finding, but it gets worse.

The study — which is based on insights from more than 150 senior marketing executives surveyed primarily across North America and Europe during the fourth quarter of 2015 — also reveals that only 3 percent of respondents said they were realizing the full revenue potential of their customers. Almost half (47 percent) said they were not maximizing revenue, 44 percent said they were working on it, and 6 percent revealed that they simply didn’t know how well they were doing at all.

In general, however, the report offers a hard reality check, showing once again that in the real world of marketing, having access to the data isn’t, in itself, that useful. Having clean data that provides a full 360-degree view of the customer, thereby opening up the opportunity for personalized marketing, does help. Unfortunately, most marketers just aren’t there yet.

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Report: Marketers Failing to Realize the Full Revenue Potential of their Client Base

Past research has indicated that marketers are focused on enhancing the customer experience to boost their bottom line, but new data shows that they are struggling to achieve their objectives. The “Predicting Routes to Revenue” report from the CMO Council has found that nearly half of marketers (47 percent) claim they are not realizing the full revenue potential of their customers.

While 44 percent of respondents said they are “getting there,” only 3 percent believe they are doing so. Additionally, 66 percent said they are “hit or miss” when it comes to delivering promises to clients.

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CMO Council: Marketers struggling to personalize, create real-time interactions

A new study from the CMO Council shows that marketers are facing challenges in personalizing interactions with customers, creating real-time interactions, and shaping customer journeys and outcomes.

The "Predicting Routes to Revenue" survey, which was conducted in partnership with Pegasystems, polled more than 150 senior marketing executives primarily across North America and Europe during Q3 ad Q4 of 2015.

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Content Personalization Will Be Big in 2016

Content marketing is everywhere and it is not going away anytime soon.

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Be Predictive And Personal, Says CMO Council Study

How well are you using data to anticipate what’s ahead and then prepare for it? Although most marketers aren’t Warren Buffet, they have to get close to that, when it comes to knowing what their consumers want and need today, and what they’ll want tomorrow. Are they? In a new study from the CMO Council, only 5% of marketers said they can predict the consumer journey and adapt to it fast. 

In “Predicting Routes to Revenue,” involving some 150 senior marketing executives in North America and Europe polled in the fourth quarter last year, 23% of respondents said they are able to develop predictive insights into broad customer trends, while another 20% felt they are only able to predict the next best action and struggle to move beyond that first step. Two-thirds said their success in delivering on their brand promise is sketchy, with 14% saying they aren’t delivering at all. 

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Anxious consumers find Hawaii reassuring, study says

As personal security concerns surrounding terrorism, military conflicts and disease are increasingly shaping consumers decisions about where they want to vacation, the Hawaiian Islands remain a popular travel option not only because of the Aloha State’s perceived safety but also its impressive diversity, according to a recent Chief Marketing Organization (CMO) Council study.

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Bellwether: Industry Reaction

UK marketing budgets were revised up this week by the smallest amount for almost three years in Q4 2015; however, the latest IPA Bellwether figures signal a positive outlook for the year ahead.

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The Importance of Being Mobile

Chances are you’re reading this blog on your mobile phone. Or at the very least you saw the headline or someone shared it with you via mobile. There’s no hiding from the fact a mobile phone is a significant part of daily life, but do you realize how incredibly critical it is to your dealership and day-to-day business?

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Personal Injury Marketing: Top Trends in 2016

With 2015 in the rearview mirror, we now look at 2016 and what is in store for legal marketing and personal injury attorneys.

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10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2016 and beyond

The customer experience will be a big focus for marketers and advertisers in the new year

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Travel 2016: Europe's Out, While Asia, Australia And South America Are In

As a result of several high-profile attacks around the world, terrorism has become a concern among countless international travelers in a way that it has not been in years past.

Add to that the uncertainty associated with climate change and the growing frequency of natural disasters, and you have yet another source of hesitation among globe trotters when it comes to travel in 2016.

And while industry experts insist that bookings remain steady, or perhaps busier than usual in a show of solidarity with affected countries, there is no denying a shift in patterns among large swaths of the traveling population, one that's more than likely tied to the past year's events.

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Travel 2016: Europe's Out, While Asia, Australia And South America Are In

As a result of several high-profile attacks around the world, terrorism has become a concern among countless international travelers in a way that it has not been in years past.

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December 2015

Travel fears can override cold statistics

The paranoia and misinformation around travel was well-reflected in a study released last week by the CMO Council, a network of more than 10,000 senior corporate marketers. A quarter of those surveyed said they’ve changed travel plans in the past year, and fear of terrorism or personal safety was the top reason the 2,000 respondents gave for canceling, followed closely by worries of disease.

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Ditch 'vanity metrics', marketers told

ASIA: Digital marketers in Asia-Pacific need to move away from a reliance on "vanity metrics", such as likes and views, and focus instead on measuring the effect of their campaigns on business results, a leading industry figure has said. 

Liz Miller, senior vice president of marketing at CMO Council, referred to the Adobe Asia-Pacific Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2015, a study produced in collaboration with CMO Council and based on quantitative surveys with more than 900 marketers across the region.

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