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With little or no dispensable income, it is not surprising that price is the primary purchase driver among one-third (31%) of young Brazilian consumers. Design and style ranks second and is important to one in five consumers and form/shape is essential for one in ten.

(February 2011)

With only 40 percent of young Brazilian consumers taking advantage of advance data services such as mobile Internet, instant messaging, email, ring tone, game or screen saver downloads, mobile service providers have an opportunity to expand usage of these services. In fact, only between five and seven percent of young Brazilians use any of these advanced data options currently.

(February 2011) 2

In May 2012 Brazil had 255 million active mobile phone lines and 129 mobile lines per 100 inhabitants.

(July 2012)

Mobile internet is becoming an popular way to access the internet and social media in Latin America, with eMarketer predicting that there will be 120.8 million mobile internet users in Brazil alone by 2017.

(November 2014) 4

Latin America is forecast to account for some 9% of global machine-to-machine (M2M) device connections in 2020, consultancy firm Analysys Mason principal analyst Steve Hilton told BNamericas. Hilton said M2M device connections in Latin America are expected to expand at a CAGR of 55% during 2010-2020. The analyst said M2M connections in the region will reach 187mn in 2020, compared with 2.3mn in 2010.

(March 2011)

49% of Mexican mobile users who receive ads on their devices, 88% report seeing them but much smaller percentages report interacting with these ads, such as by clicking on them (8%), registering (5%) or purchasing through them (3%).

(October 2012) 6

65% of Mexican mobile device users say they would like to receive ads on their devices in exchange for some type of benefit.

(October 2012)

According to research from comScore, however, the use of PCs to access the Internet is still relatively higher compared to other regions in 2013. According to the study “Latin America: Digital Future in Focus”, 91.9% of users still go online from a desktop computer, compared to only 5.6% who access the Web from a mobile device and 2.2% who go online via a tablet.

(November 2014) 8
In addition, we will see new business models to leverage 3G adoption in the region, pushing on mobile marketing: iPhones given at no cost, for example, as long as subscribers agree to be hit by mobile advertising while in motion. (February 2010) 9
As operators and service providers develop the ability to increase the segmentation of  customer bases in Latin America, the 1-to-1 marketing will be more successful and popular in the mobile marketing arena. (February 2010) 10
The great volume of iPhones and smartphones sold in the region over the last 2 years, along with the extensive rollout of 3G networks, created the foundation to leverage mobile marketing initiatives this year. (February 2010) 11
According to comScore M: Metrics, 71% of Hispanics devour calm upon mobile phones compared to the marketplace normal of 48%. (February 2010) 12
the Hispanic interpretation users rsther than because, as promotion upon mobile phones (41% contra 30% of non-Hispanics) as good as some-more have responded (22% vs. 13%). Therefore, mobile selling to the Hispanic demographic is an event for expansion in this negligence manage to buy experience. (February 2010) 13
Hispanics bond twice as quick as the altogether marketplace (14% expansion compared to 7%) entrance around the mobile selling Hispanicsmillion users per year. (February 2010) 14
In the year 2008 have been twenty-three million Hispanics online, about 52% of the Hispanic population. (February 2010) 15

In 2012, only 34% of Mexicans reported using their cell phones to go online. But in 2013 more than 6 out of 10 Mexican Internet users (64%) said that they use cell phones to go online.

(January 2015) 16

45% of Mexican Internet users follow a brand on social media and the most popular reason for doing this is to get discounts.

(January 2015)

Nearly 8% of the online traffic in Argentina is from mobile devices and Android is the leading OS, with 62% of the market

(January 2015) 18

33% of Uruguayan Internet users go online with mobile phones or tablets, an increase of 13% compared to 2012

(January 2014)

33% of Uruguayan Internet users go online with mobile phones or tablets, an increase of 13% compared to 2012

(January 2015) 20
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