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What's Critical in the Vertical: A Look At Banking In Australia

Only 15 percent of marketers in Australia’s $2.5 trillion banking sector feel confident they have sufficient insights into customer profitability, value and retention. While Australia remained on steady footing through the global recession, bank marketers now face a younger, smarter banking customer with a desire for greater digital interaction and online engagement. The complimentary paper, sponsored by InfoPrint Solutions Company in partnership with Computershare Communications Services, reveals that while bank customers seek new, digitally-driven engagement options, they are also demanding higher levels of personalized service, without the fees or premiums one might expect for these features. The paper includes detailed findings from both the consumer and marketer audits.

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Featuring 31 research charts

Consumer Survey

Chart 1: What type of financial institution do you do business with?

Chart 2: What type of banking service do you currently use?

Chart 3: Based on the services you currently use, please indicate who you primarily do business with:

Chart 4: How many banks, credit unions, or financial institutions do you currently do business with?

Chart 5: How long have you done business with your current bank(s)?

Chart 6: How would you describe the relationship you have with your bank?

Chart 7: How has the economy impacted your relationship or view of your bank?

Chart 8: Do you use alternative banking options or solutions like online banking, eAccounts or Bank@Post?

Chart 9: Have you changed banks in the past 12 months?

Chart 10: What was the reason for your move?

Chart 11: What is top of mind specific to your finances?

Chart 12: Do you currently hold any upgraded, premium, "choice" or reward accounts?

Chart 13: What is the primary value of these programs?

Chart 14: What are your greatest concerns or complaints about your bank or financial institution?

Chart 15: Have you ever told others or passed along information about your complaints or concerns?

Chart 16: What do you value most about your bank or financial institution?

Chart 17: Basic background information: Gender

Chart 18: Basic background information: Age

Marketer Survey

Chart 1: How would you describe the current state of your business?

Chart 2: What factors are impacting and influencing your marketing operations?

Chart 3: What issues or developments are impacting the banking industry today?

Chart 4: What are your top customer engagement priorities for the year ahead?

Chart 5: Are you confident in your knowledge of customer retention, profitability and lifetime value?

Chart 6: What would improve your visibility into customer retention, profitability and lifetime value?

Chart 7: Have you invested in customer data aggregation, analytics or segmentation platforms or programs in the past 12 months?

Chart 8: What was the outcome of the program?

Chart 9: What strategies are you employing to acquire new business?

Chart 10: What do you see as the essential contributors to assuring quality of customer experience?

Chart 11: How are you adding value to customer communications and engagements?

Chart 12: What are your customer's primary sources of pain or most frequent complaints about your brand, service, product or company?

Chart 13: What is your title?



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