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The CMO Council has launched a global initiative to collect new marketing case study content and business performance innovation profiles from around the world. It now has seven regional chapters and advisory boards and more than 10,000 members in over 110 countries. Collectively, CMO Council members control more than $450 billion in annual, aggregated marketing spend. As a global knowledge transfer agent, the CMO Council is seeking best practice insights and peer-originated success stories that can be shared with its global membership and a growing number of affiliated business schools, online communities, and marketing associations on a functional, vertical and geographic level. In particular, the CMO Council is keen to assist universities and marketing institutes better prepare their students with current, relevant and regionally diverse case study and best practice content. We welcome contributions to our Global Marketing Knowledge Base from practitioners, academics, authors, consultants and students. Here is a helpful framework for submitting content in two areas: 1) Company Performance Profiles 2) Marketing Campaign Case Studies. We look forward to your support in this endeavor.


(Initial concept/model, market entry/offering and business evolution)

Growth Strategy

(Decisions that have enabled early traction and continued expansion)

Challenges or Obstacles

(Market conditions, regulatory issues, government controls, competitive factors, etc.)

Competitive Advantages

(Key strengths, competencies, capabilities or assets)

Business/Brand Innovations

(Game-changing ideas and transformational initiatives)

Marketing Effectiveness

(Campaigns that have driven demand and defined the brand)

Performance Outlook

(Financial expectations and plans for maintaining momentum)

Situation Overview

(Business situation, market conditions and competitive dynamics)

Campaign Objectives

(Goals and deliverables defined by management or client)

Creative Strategy

(New thinking in how product or service is positioned, messaged and presented)

Execution + Media Mix

(Level of integration and leveraging of both traditional advertising media with new digital channels of engagement, response generation and advocacy; campaign effectiveness, lead lifecycle management, and use of marketing automation platforms, tools and hosted services)

Measures + Metrics

(Determination of business value – incidence and quality of leads; conversion and closure rates; market share and revenue gains – as well as other methodologies and techniques for determining ROI: Brand awareness studies, web analytics, inquiry and response rates, ad effectiveness tracking, etc.)

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