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Crunch Time: Global Competitiveness

If you're an executive in the North American high technology or telecommunications industries, there is a high probability you are feeling the heat of increasing global competition. In general, your competition is bigger, tougher, and decidedly more global than ever before, and it is often coming from companies that heretofore did not sell into your market spaceUnfortunately, there is also a strong likelihood you have not taken all the steps necessary to prepare for this tougher and fiercer business environment. If your company is like most North American technology businesses, you are not conducting formal company-wide assessments of your competitiveness. There's no executive who is formally assigned to that task. What's more, your efforts and investments in product innovation, customer intimacy and operational improvements may be insufficient to keep pace with your tougher competition.

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Featuring 15 research charts

Chart 1: Total semiconductor share by market sector

Chart 2: Competition by industry segment

Chart 3: Primary changes in the competition

Chart 4: Revenue per employee by industry sector

Chart 5: Countries posing greatest competitive threat

Chart 6: Top factors impacting offshoring

Chart 7: Top factors impacting competitiveness over the next two years (2005-2006)

Chart 8: Competitive Preparedness

Chart 9: Total percentage of U.S. companies conducting formal or informal competitiveness assessment

Chart 10: Total percentage of U.S. companies with a competitive intelligence function/officer

Chart 11: Six dimensions to improving competitive positioning

Chart 12: Top three contributors to competitiveness

Chart 13: Top three actions to improve competitiveness in product and service innovation

Chart 14: Top three actions to improve competitiveness in customer intimacy and experience

Chart 15: Top three actions to improve strategic competitive position

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